Paul D. Patti, Director / Principal Consultant, Paudebaire Equine Services Pty Ltd, Wamboin

When you absolutely love/live this “horse-life” like I do,  the choice of the Veterinarian that you depend upon to share the equine husbandry and healthcare responsibility with, in good times and bad, is not a decision I take lightly.

We operate a local 10 horse / 32 acre Training Farm – 20 years of success drawn from horsemanship education, environmental  training and agricultural experience PLUS lots of small mistakes.   My horse-life playbook covers  eye surgery, teeth extraction,  leg X-rays, breeding, surgically closing major wounds, rectifying “cogging” ( a dental  practice for some Quarter horses),  breeding programs, dental X-rays, broken legs, vaccinations, nutrition for breeding and performance, Cushing’s and caring for Oldies (Over 33YO), broken hips, gelding the Colts,  still births, colic, autopsy, Extremely hot and freezing weather extremes, rowdy weanlings, Yearling sale preparation  and the final Owner’s responsibility – sending my life-long equine friends over the Rainbow bridge and respectfully burying them in my special “Forest of Dreams”.

So you might say I am a very-fussy client  for any Vet Team :0) with good cause and I have sacked one or two. I freely seek their advice, ask about new and  old ideas and research everything before I decide; I want only professional service that matches my Farm’s mission statement.

We discovered  Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary Services in Summer 2014.  The Vet’s 4WD and Mobile crush were parked outside my business office, while the Vet team had ducked into a café to grab a cold drink after a hot day of Breeding Mare testing way out long the Monaro Highway – my curiosity started conversation and the business relationship matured.

We plan to see the Veterinarian at any random time, when the Emergency button is pressed, when horses in training require a Vet Check to progress further or when Pre-sales or Growing-out  requires a Second opinion;  Dr Allie gladly jumped into this whirlpool and are my strong and professional Vets of choice today.

Brindabella have won me over for pragmatic reasons:

  • Dr Allie communicates with  clear and confident words in difficult times – to influence  my thinking.
  • The Vet team is always “On time & On  site” – precious time never wasted in routine or emergency callouts.
  • This Vet is observant, thoughtful, weighs up the evidence and listens – that builds trust and respect.
  • Each horse is important to the Vet –  every Vet assessment is detailed and offers successful answers for YOUR horse.
  • Dr Allie and Cesar have skilled, steady horse-hands and their veterinary and dental horse treatment is of  high Biosecurity standards.
  • The consistency of the “One Stop” service, equine guidance and treatment across all my herd – from my amazing Stallion or my 33yo eventing Gelding or my 8 Agisted horses in work – every horse gets 100% Vet attention, all the skill and knowledge of Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary Services and a bit more.
  • The Vet team respects the animals they care for; and their Owners. Dr Allie and Cesar go the extra mile for me.

So, I am proud to call them ‘MY” Vets.

Rob Cockburn, Robanash Equine Service, Murrumbateman

Just recently I had a colt castrated by Brindabella Equine Vet Service.  When I booked in the procedure they mentioned to me that she would be performing the castration by using the Henderson method. Completely oblivious to this method I researched it and found that it had merit.   The colt was castrated and he recovered like no other colt I have had done before.  There was no bleeding or swelling.  The now gelding did not miss a beat I was suitably impressed. In future I will be ensuring that this method is used.

Anwen Lovett, Brierely Performance Horses, Murrumbateman

Brierely Performance Horses is a boutique dressage training and warmblood stud located in Murrumbateman NSW.  Brindabella Equine Mobile Veterinary Sevice has provided us with all of our veterinary support needs since Olivia first established the business, averaging 4 visits per month.  BEMVS provides us with a personalised service which is focussed on the individual health and well being of each of our horses.  The BEMVS mobile service offers us genuine 24 hour support (including 2.00am visits for mares foaling down), along with access to high quality diagnostic equipment such as digital xrays and ultrasound.  I have appreciated their ability to undertake further research and consult with her veterinary colleagues about our more complex cases, this includes being referred on to the best Australian vet centres for specialist services such as MRI and IRAP.  Examples of specific expertise BEMVS has demonstrated to us is in broodmare care, foaling down and after birth care for new foals; support for geriatric horses sufferring conditions such as Cushings and physical disability; maintaining the health and soundness of our elite competition dressage horses and dentistry.  BEMVS gives me the peace of mind that every time I pick the phone to call them, the health and welfare of my horses are at the forefont of their mind, I highly recommend the service provided by BEMVS.

Chloe Mills, Bungendore

Fantastic vets. Best customer service we have ever received. Best vets we have ever used since moving to the area. Professional, kind and very good. It’s so lovely to finally find such fantastic and professional vets. We are thrilled to have you guys take care of our equine babies. A big thanks to Dr Allie and her vet nurse Cesar who came within a couple hours of us calling when our boy Billy wasn’t 100 percent and following up with us almost daily to ensure he was okay. You guys are the best!!

Cass Phillips, Murrumbateman

3 months ago I had Brindabella Equine out to my retired 21 year old Welsh Mountain mare who was showing signs of Cushings Disease. She was lethargic, disinterested, drank excessive amounts of water causing excessive urination, had lost condition off her top line and was no longer shedding her extremely thick winter coat. Allie organised some blood tests and started her on a daily oral dosage of Pergolide. Since then, my mare has improved massively – She is back to her normal naughty, cheeky and perky self that comes cantering when called. Her coat this winter is half as thick as it was last season under the same rug, she is no longer urinating excessively and her body shape has also improved. She is due to have her bloods done again shortly to see where her levels are at currently, but judging by the change we have seen in her so far it is of my opinion that the pergolide has worked wonders on my mare and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Brindabella Equine, particularly Dr Allie, for providing such a high level of care and commitment to the health of my oldies.